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About OptimLine

OptimLine Technologies is the leading company in catalyst services on the Russian market. We were the first company to perform ex-situ regeneration of spent catalysts outside of Russia. Now the advanced European technologies in catalyst treatment, which we didn’t have before on our market, are available to Russian refineries. 

The technologies used by our company allow Russian refineries to optimize considerably their operating costs. Producers and catalyst processors worldwideare our partners. OptimLine technologies company is the exclusive representative of the Catalyst Recovery Europe S.A. company (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg) on the territory of the Russian Federation. We offer high level of services, flexible conditions and fair-dealing work.



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The oil refining and petrochemical industries usea large variety of catalysts to produce valuable products. Due to some reasons catalysts deactivate over time. In many cases the major reason of deactivation is the accumulation of a coke layer on the catalyst surface, thus covering the active sites or strong adsorption of certain fines on active sites.

Activity rejuvenation
REACT is a patented technology developed by Albemarle for the rejuvenation of spent hydrotreating catalystsSTARS Type II. REACT technology redistributes the metals and reconfigures the formation of the original active sites restoring over 90% of catalyst’s initial activity.

Ex-situ catalyst presulfiding
Porocel’s proprietary process of presulfiding is known as actiCAT pre-sulphurization process. Hydrotreating and hydrocracking catalysts are typically supplied with the active metals in the oxide form.
These metal oxides must be converted to metal sulfides (the active state of the catalyst) prior to use.
This is done in the process of catalyst sulfiding, when the catalyst is heated in the presence of hydrogen.


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OptimLine Technologies is ready to offer to its customers innovative solutions for catalyst packaging.


April 2017 saw fulfillment of another project  for recovery of hydroprocessing catalysts for LUKOIL Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez.


The significance of the quality of catalysts for oil refinery can’t be emphasized too strongly. Having a price incomparably smaller than total cost of final refinery product, low quality catalyst may lead to long term production shutdown and consequently to multimillion losses.