The efficiency of technological processes of modern Fuel and Energy companies today is hard to imagine without efficient catalyst service.

Implementation of Euro - 4 and Euro - 5 standards in the Russian Federation requires from manufacturers to use modern catalysts for production of low-sulfur fuels. After the service cycle the catalyst activity is reduced and it requires regeneration.

Oil and gas refineries as well as petrochemical plants can reduce their operating costs by the use of recovered catalysts and adsorbents. The usual cost of regenerated material is twice cheaper than the new while their effectiveness is almost equivalent. Modern catalysts can be regenerated up to 95% of the fresh catalyst activity. Moreover, modern technologies allow performing such procedures several times.

OptimLine Technologies offers regeneration and reactivation services of catalyst activity in short terms and with the guarantees.

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OptimLine Technologies is ready to offer to its customers innovative solutions for catalyst packaging.


April 2017 saw fulfillment of another project  for recovery of hydroprocessing catalysts for LUKOIL Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez.


The significance of the quality of catalysts for oil refinery can’t be emphasized too strongly. Having a price incomparably smaller than total cost of final refinery product, low quality catalyst may lead to long term production shutdown and consequently to multimillion losses.